"...lazer dad?"

Journey back to a time when the music was dope, the girls were fly, and the fashion was fresher than the Prince of Bel Air. This is LAZER DAD, the tribute band that serves up a shot of nostalgia straight from the heart, with the hits of the 1990s!

Formed by six nerdy Nineties kids who grew up to be bitchin’ musicians, LAZER DAD is a heat-seeking missile of fun that’ll blast you out of your seat and onto the dance floor. Together, they bring to life the deep cuts and hottest hits that defined a decade; from the grunge stylings of Nirvana to the pop appeal of Third Eye Blind, to the funk metal fury of Rage Against the Machine and all the hip-hop from East coast to West, LAZER DAD is guaranteed to make you stand up and shout, “oh, hot damn, this is my jam!”

Put your Tamagotchi to bed, frost your tips, slap on a neon windbreaker and get ready to spend a night in the Nineties with LAZER DAD!